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About Lillebaby baby carriers 

Lillebaby baby carriers bring European design for every parent.  Originally designed with comfort, functionality, function, and style, Lillebaby has definitely stayed true to their core.  All the carriers feature multiple carry positions and shoulder and waist straps to find a perfect fit for you and your infant, baby, or toddler.  For everything from quick naps, to long trips, inside or outdoors, Lillebaby baby carriers are designed to be worn everyday.   Find the right style for you and shop our large selection of Lillebaby baby carriers.

Lillebaby Complete baby carriers 

Lillebaby Complete baby carriers come in a large selection of styles to meet every need. From durable cotton, a super breathable 3d mesh, or both, there is a Lillebaby style for everyone.   All styles of the original safely fit infants, babies and toddlers from 7lbs to 45 pounds.  With the adjustable seat as small as 7 inches, your infant can comfortably use this carrier without an insert or adjust to a maximum of of 15.5 inches and carry your toddler.  It is not only easy to get a perfect fit for you child, with adjustments for your waist, torso, and shoulder, you can find the perfect fit yourself.  The Lillebaby Original is meant to be your every day carrier.  Perfect for naps around the house, or running errands.  If your carrier does get dirty, just throw it in the wash because it is machine washable.  With a zippered pocket large enough to hold a cell phone and an adjustable hood for you little one, the Lillebaby original truly is a must have for every parent.

Lillebaby Essentials baby carriers 

Lillebaby Essentials baby carriers are the perfect carrier when you don't need everything, you just need the essentials.  Featuring two styles; the Essentials Original and the Essentials All Seasons, all you need to do is choose if you want a durable 100% cotton carrier or the cotton panel that zips away to a cooling 3d mesh that circulates air around your child. Featuring four carry positions, this carrier is designed for older children, but can but used for infants with the optional insert.  At a price under $100, the Lillebaby Essentials collection is a must have for every parent.

Lillebaby Carry On baby carriers 

Lillebaby Carry On baby carrier is designed to provide extra room for your growing toddler.  With a wider and taller torso, this carrier is specifically designed to securely and comfortably transport a toddler with a pant size of 2T or greater.  With a 3D mesh panel to provide airflow, this carrier is a perfect substitute for a bulky stroller, or an alternate for places where a stroller can't go. Supporting a front, hip, or back carry, this carrier has ample padding to comfortably bear the extra weight, up to 60 pounds.

Lillebaby Tie The Knot wrap

Lillebaby Tie The Knot wraps are made from the one of the most environmentally fabrics available, Tencel fabric. Tencel fabrics are sustainabily harvested from all-natural materials and converted into fabric using a sophisticated nanotechnology process. This process gives the fabric and unbelievable softness and amazing natural breathability and moisture control.  The design of the Tie The Knot wraps, simplifies wrapping your baby and allows you to easily secure excess fabric.  The unique neck support pocket holds a rolled cloth or cushion to increase comfort and support for newborn necks.

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Original, Airflow, Embossed, Organic, All Seasons, Woven

Original, All Seasons Original, Embossed, Airflow Wrap
Weight Range

7lb-45lb (3.2kg-20kg)

7lb-15lbs (with infant insert)
15lbs-45lb (without insert)
15lbs-60lb (6.8kg-27.2kg) 7lb-30lb (3.2kg-13.6kg)
Carry Positions


4 3 10
Face Forward Carry yes no no
Machine Washable yes yes yes yes
Shoulder Adjustability yes yes yes yes
Zippered Pocket yes yes yes yes
Lumbar Support yes purchased separately yes n/a
Adjustable Neck Support 2-way no no integrated
Use Without Infant Insert yes no no yes
Seat Narrowest Setting 7" (17.8cm) N/A N/A any width
Seat Widest Setting 15.5" (39.3cm) 16" (40cm) 16.5" (42cm) any width
Torso Length (adjustable) 13.7" from - 18.5" (35cm -47cm) 15" (38cm) 18.5" (35cm -47cm) any length
Waist circumference - widest 52" (132cm) 56" (132cm) 52" (132cm) any width


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