Wrapped In Cloth Rewards Program

Program Overview

Can parenting be even more rewarding?  We like to think so.  Introducing Wrapped In Cloth Rewards, our new easy to use reward program.

How to Earn Points

Sign up for rewards  by registering for an account

Earn 1 point for each dollar spent at WrappedInCloth.com.  All purchases will earn points, including sales and promotions.  

You points will be credited to your account once your order has been fulfilled and shipped.

You can also earn points when you refer a friend.  If they make a $100 purchase, you get 100 rewards points.  If they sign up for Wrapped In Cloth Rewards, they will get points too.

How to Redeem Points

You are able to use your points earned on nearly any item in our store. Simple click the the "Earn Rewards" button in the bottom right hand corner to launch the rewards page. 

The minimum redemption is 100 points, which is a $5 discount code. You may also save your points and redeem up to 500 at a later time and receive a $25 discount code.

100 points = $5
200 points = $10
300 points = $15
400 points = $20
500 points = $25


- If you choose to return an item that was purchased using rewards, those points will be lost. 

- Rewards are issued as discount codes. Our platform only allows one discount code per order, you may not use in combination with any other discount, coupon or promotion.

- We reserve the right to cancel any order if we feel you are misusing the reward program.

- Points will expire if there is no activity for 1 year.  






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