• Chalktrail Replacement Chalk by Fat Brain Toys

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Chalktrail Replacement Chalk by Fat Brain Toys

$ 6.95

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Product Description

Chalktrail Replacement Chalk is a perfect fit!

It's a 4-pack supply of replacement chalk for the patented ChalkTrail bike attachment. 

Each piece of Giant Chalktrail Chalk lasts about 1.5 miles. That means this 4 pack of Chalktrail Chalk provides roughly 6 miles of healthy, creative, colorful fun!

Chalktrail Replacement Chalk
  • A perfect fit for your Chalktrail bike attachment!
  • Long lasting chalk fun for riders of all ages
  • Each Chalktrail Chalk lasts 1.5 miles, (4 pieces = 6 miles!)
  • 4 chalk colors included: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue
  • Healthy, creative color fun!
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