• Girasol Mysol Baby Carrier - Orizaba


Girasol Mysol Baby Carrier - Orizaba

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The MySol is made from two layers of high-quality cross-body sling
fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carried and
so provides optimum support. The MySol may be worn with each side facing
The MySol has been designed to grow with the child in order to ensure
that users get the most from it for as long as possible: the width of
the material between the legs may be smoothly and easily adjusted, which
is important for the crouching position with legs spread apart and for
encouraging the healthy development of the hips, particularly during the
first year.

+ May be used from birth to toddler
+ Uncomplicated use, easy to wear
+ Finished entirely from the sling-cloth fabric, no hard annoying
plastic components
+ May be turned, with chest belt, hip bag and storage bag

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