• Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbu Baby Carrier- Little Herringbone Impression Dark

Lenny Lamb

Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbuhimo Baby Carrier- Little Herringbone Impression Dark

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Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo carrier is designed for children who can already sit unassisted. It is most commonly used for back carry. Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo is available in one standard size. However, it has a panel that can be adjusted in its width - this makes the Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo a truly universal carrier. 

It also has a very comfortable adjustable hood - you will easily adjust it to you and your baby’s needs.


This carrier can be used for front and back carries, though it is more commonly used for back carriers.

Padded shoulders

Comfortable adjustable hood

Adjustable panel to allow a more custom fit



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